Learning games – let them play and learn!

Playing learning games gives you chance to play with your kids, have fun with them and they may not even notice they're learning on the process. Let me guest, either you are a father (like me), a mother, a teacher, or maybe a kid who just taken by mother Google on your surfing. “Another game site”… you might say but before you click your browser’s back button, give me a chance to what I have on this site and what I offer while you are here. First, I’m a father too and I know that there are thousands of game sites out there who’s probably have a better games than what have here but there could also games that your child is not supposed to be playing. Second, it is time consuming to browse for the game that is suitable for your kids. Third, leaving your child alone in web is a little bit risky, so you’re filtering sites that your child can access thru parental censoring which I also doing with my daughter. I’m suggesting that you bookmark this site and allow your child to access this site because I can assure you that this site contains educational games.

Reasons why I created this site?

For the kids - Parent just like us, both working leaving the kids at home. my daughter knows her way surfing the web for the games she want, so I added a user account for her on my computer and filter out the site she is not suppose to see. Putting it all here so they she can go in one place. It is not for long that they have to face reality but at least until then they get old enough to understand things.

A collection of free games – I have my passion of collecting learning games and now I want to share it with you. I develop some of them and others are from generous game sites.

As my hobby – it is not only a cute to have a website of my own but it is also good to learn how to make one. Well, it’s probably out of topic but if you are just like me, who’s having a thought of creating a website of own. You can drop me an email for anything you want to know.

What can you get from this site?

Free learning games for you and your kids.

You can play them online for free (because it’s free). A collection of game in math, vocabulary, and some quiz game that I’m sure will helps your child and they will surely love it.

Free children’s game, I love free and I’m pretty sure you also do. I have number of fun games which I can’t categories where they belong but they are fun to play so I putting all here.

     Free printable material for your kids. If your child is 3 to 6 years of age maybe this is the best time to start teaching them simple things and its enjoyable, like coloring or maybe print a dotted letters so the kids can trace it. This is a great help for your kids at their early learning stage.

Learning games have no doubt had several positive effects on children's learning. I hope what I have will help your kids and best of all you enjoy it too, so have fun…!

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